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The Basics Catechism Cursive Copywork

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Reinforce biblical truths in your children with The Basics Catechism Copywork!


Simply put, copywork is copying by hand a well written verse, question, piece of literature, or quote. Copywork helps kids with proper penmanship, punctuation, capitalization, and writing style; and when done properly it helps your child to slow down and absorb the information they are copying. Copywork also helps children learn letter formation, how the letters are spaced, how paragraphs work, and will increase their vocabulary. It is a very simple concept!

The Basics Catechism Copywork is just another way to take every opportunity available to teach your children the indispensable truths found in God’s word!

This cursive copywork contains 64 questions and answers and is meant for children who are practicing their cursive writing. Our lines are 5/8” tall and include a middle line to help your child position their letters correctly. The catechism question, answer, and the scripture references are given and your child will copy the answer in the empty line provided below them.

11" x 8.5"
Bound with a black plastic coil at the top.
Printed locally in Columbus, OH USA