Our Story

Our story isn't anything monumental - we are simply two sisters desiring to raise our children to know and love Jesus.

Kira and her husband Jason were lovingly discipling their kids. They were reading the bible, singing, praying, and catechizing them. The only problem... the catechism. It was a catechism Kira had printed off the internet. It was on cheap paper, ripped, crinkled, coffee stained, and there were black pen marks crossing out words, and her illegible handwriting switching up all the "thees, thous, and thines" because no one has spoken like that since the 1600s. 

Once Kenzie had her little girl, family discipleship became a frequent conversation between her and Kira. Kira lovingly modeled "Read, Pray, Sing, Catechize" for her - but there was no way Kenzie was using that crinkled, ripped, and mess of a paper to catechize her kids. So they planned and prayed and the rest is history!

God made Kira and Kenzie so in-sync, yet so different and it can get crazy with 7 kids running around but they make it work and do what they can!

Our goal at Alongside Them is to encourage families who long for their kids to know and love Jesus. We encourage through creating resources in areas that are in need and sharing bits of wisdom as we come alongside our own kids.

  • Kira Jahn

    Kira brings most of our product ideas to the table based on her own needs as a mom! She organizes our ideas then helps execute each project! She writes a lot of our content, engages with you in our DMs, and speaks on podcasts and at conferences. Kira loves to conversate and has coined the phrase "What Else?" in our family!

  • Kenzie Lattimer

    Kenzie is our sole designer. She brings the products to life through design, photography, and video! From idea to print - she has her hands in just about everything! She also handles anything that involves technology - it must be because she's the youngest! She's the resident "jack of all trades".

  • Karen Kraft

    Karen is Kira + Kenzie's beloved Mom. She would do anything for them - including work for them! She ships out all of your orders, helps during the editing process, curates our bible reading plans, and manages our finances! She also hangs out with her grandkids during important "meetings".