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Sermon Notebook for Kids

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Encourage your children to listen and start taking their own notes during worship services with our Sermon Notes! Our sermon notes are geared towards ages 6 and up. The pages are designed with fill-in boxes on the front to keep your children engaged during services and the back is a blank slate for extra notes or drawing! Don't forget to let them decorate the front cover to make it their own! Each notebook contains 60 easy-to-tear pages; that's more than a full YEAR of Sundays!

We believe it is biblical and vital that families worship together on the Lord's day. We know that can be a difficult task, but would encourage you to press on! When our children are with us they are able to participate in worshipping, praying, singing, confessing and praising our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Modeling those things on Sunday morning for them is just another way we show them how to follow Christ.

TIP: We encourage families that on Sunday evenings or later in the week, go over them together as a family! Whether that is during family worship or around the dinner table, it's always wonderful to hear and see what they learned from the sermons - You will be surprised, we're sure of it!

Each notebook is 10" x 7" Bound with a Black Plastic Coil Printed locally in Columbus, OH USA