Wise Women in Our Lives Series (Part 5)


This months submission is not from a wise woman; but a WISE MAN! When we reached out to these women, we also asked if their husbands wanted to participate in this. So this is from one who did!

We have men-husbands-fathers that follow our page, so this is for them! Wives pass this on to your husband's with love, encouragement and respectfulness.

This man is a husband of 30 years and a father to 8 grown children. He loves his savior Jesus Christ, and is an pastor/elder in his local church. He serves his family and his church tirelessly. A servant leader in every way. We are so grateful for this man in our lives and all he has taught and shown us about living his life for Christ. Here is his charge to the men:

I write this to the men.

We have long lived with the idea that husbands and fathers are not important. The institution of
motherhood is highly exalted, as it should be. Yet fatherhood has been deemed unimportant
and unnecessary. Because of this constant barrage from our culture, christian men have faded
into the background.

We are not as involved as we should be. From the beginning it has not
been so. God still holds the role of father and husband as paramount to successful families,
churches, and nations.

First and foremost you must love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and
strength. On this commandment depends all our successes and victories.

Secondly, we must
love our wives as Christ loves his church. You have no idea the security this provides for your

After these two, we must dedicate our lives to train our children in the fear and
admonition of the Lord.

Nothing else we do in life is as important or as necessary as these

Let us be done with lesser things and fight the good fight of faith. God is calling men to be
warriors to protect their families and fight against evil.

We will defend the weak.
We will defend freedom.
We will sacrifice so that others may livefree.
We will defend our families to the death.
We love peace, but we are a fierce enemy.
We live by a special code.
We live with honor!

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