What is a Christian home?

One thing we talk to our children about a lot is how kind and gracious God is to them by allowing them to be raised in a Christian home. Interestingly, more than once, my kids have asked "what does that mean?" "What makes it a Christian home?" It's actually a good question for us all to ask ourselves.

So, what is a Christian home?

Simply put, a Christian home is one that is centered around Christ. His glory is the aroma of the home. He is revered there daily. He is talked about, prayed to, songs are sung to and about him. The Bible is not something just pulled out on Sundays but is read often and taught from as his word embodies all that he has for us.

Every decision in a Christian home is made based on the desire to honor God in everything. The Christian home does not do certain things and does some specific things because of their love for Christ.

Do you have a Christian home?

I'm not asking if your home is perfect; I am asking is Christ the foundation of all you do in your home?

If not, why?

I would encourage to examine your home, to pray and ask God to show you where he can better be esteemed there?
If the spirit leads you, ask for forgiveness for not making Christ the center of your home and life, repent and pray God would give you a deeper love for his son Jesus Christ and for the desire to build your home and life around him.

Alongside you,
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Why we honour god only from outside when people noticed us?

Sitagurung Gurung

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